Future Directions


There are three major elements affecting the direction of our firm


We’ve learned how to effectively and accurately integrate two large databases into a single map of the scientific and technical literature. We plan to add many more databases to our maps in the future. Bibliographic and full text sources of funding, literature, patent, and other data will all be considered.

Greater coverage leads to greater accuracy


We are learning how to create maps and analysis methods that combine theoretical perspectives. Our current maps and processes do not exhaust the possible theoretical perspectives that could be used. We are currently working on an article that explores additional theoretical perspectives, and explores how these might be used as bases for maps of science and technology.

Multi-theoretic models are Inherently the most accurate


The current and future economic situation of most nations is unsettling at best. Continued funding for science and technology at current levels is not expected. This may require nations to significantly reduce their research budgets. We are working on a new set of indicators that can be used during an economic downturn.

How do you decide which research budgets to cut?