Our Team


We are academics at heart. We love research! We love the thrill of discovering something new, and of learning how things work.

Kevin Boyack

Kevin Boyack loves to analyze large data sets. Originally a chemical engineer, he has been creating and analyzing science maps since 1999.

Richard Klavans

Dick Klavans has experimented with new ways to apply these maps for strategic planning for the past 20 years.

Henry Small

Henry Small created the field of science mapping 35 years ago. He has always been most interested in the ‘stories’ behind the structure, and is currently looking at full text and sentiment.

mike patek

Mike Patek lives in the IT world. He has been responsible for building our models for 12 years (and counting).



Our goals are to:

1) Understand and accurately model the structure and dynamics of science and technology at a highly detailed level. This includes identifying emerging opportunities and characterizing research strengths. Our slogan is “accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.”

2) Intelligently integrate multiple data sources. Our “Better Maps” integrate article and patent databases at the document level of analysis. Now that we know how to integrate two large databases it will be relatively easy to add more.

3) Intelligently incorporate features from full text into our processes and models. All current large scale maps of science use bibliographies and abstracts. The future will involve the leveraging full text information. This will represent the next generation in science mapping.

4) Do these things in a way that is useful for stakeholders in science, technology and innovation. If the problem isn’t hard, we aren’t interested. If the problem isn’t fun to work on, we aren’t interested. Typically academic….